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Eduroam Connection Settings

There is almost no difference between connecting to eduroam network and the network of your own institution. You need to use the same authorization and encoding methods and the same user name and password that you use while connecting to the network of your own institution. The only difference with the network of your own institution is that the SSID “Wireless Network Name” is different. If the SSID of your institution is the same with other institutions, you do not need to do this operation either and directly connect to eduroam. You may check the SSID of the eduroam member institutions from eduroam information page of participants from Turkey.

You may find out whether the institution you are visiting uses the same SSID for its owners or not and the coverage area of eduroam from this website and the information page of the institution you are visiting. The network manager of your own institution will help you about your connection settings and other details.

Yozgat Bozok University eduroam Network Access Settings
You may find information on webpage about Yozgat Bozok University eduroam network access.



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+90 354 242 10 17 Extension Line: 1303